excess (ikˈses,ˈekses) noun:
lack of moderation in an activity.

anagram (ˈanəˌgram) noun:
a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another.

Chris Campbell

Chris is a Developer, Linux Enthusiast, and People Person. He is a jack of all trades balancing many hobbies and creative pursuits with a variety programming projects. He is currently focused on custom LAMP stack applications and mobile development, but also has a strong foundation in Java.

In his free time Chris is a soccer fanatic and techno head. He spends his time cooking, obsessing over foreign footy, and head bobbing to minimal. Each year he helps coordinate a Burning Man Theme Camp and is very active in the burner community beyond the playa. Other than that Chris is just a Californian who got lost in Montana and didn't bother to find his way back.

Software and Web Development

The options below only scratch the surface, every client's needs are unique. I will find the best solution for your business with a free initial consultation. Please contact me anytime.

You can also read more about the work my company does at
Cedar Mountain Software


Sleek and elegant hand coded websites. Built to your exact specifications, with flexible and forward thinking technologies.


With Bootstrap and jQuery at their core, sites are mobile responsive with limitless dynamic content.

Mobile Apps

Beautiful and effective mobile apps which take your business on the go. The perfect solution in your pocket.


Built with Apache Cordova, apps are identical across several platforms. Delivering consistency and efficiency in design.

Web Apps

Form and function together in a user friendly application. Boost your business' efficiency with custom cloud based solutions.


Built on the tried and true LAMP Stack. The foundation is bulletproof and the possibilities are endless.

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